Devv Changelog

Discover the latest updates and changes of Devv.

Discover the latest updates and changes of Devv.

Apr 18, 2024

Apr 18, 2024

Apr 18, 2024


✨ Feature

  • Collapsible & Expandable Sidebar: We've introduced a new feature that allows you to collapse and expand the sidebar. This makes navigation more flexible and ensures you have more space to focus on your search results, especially on smaller screens.

💫 Improvement

  • Fixed Sidebar Display on Mobile Devices: We've addressed and resolved the display issues with the sidebar on mobile devices, ensuring a smoother and more consistent user experience across all devices.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Citation Display Bug Fixed: We've corrected a bug that affected the display of citations, ensuring that all references are now shown correctly.

  • Header Display Bug in PWA Fixed: The display issue with the header in the Progressive Web App (PWA) version of Devv has been fixed, enhancing the overall look and functionality.

Apr 17, 2024

Apr 17, 2024

Apr 17, 2024


🎨 Sleek new UI design

  • Cleaner, more intuitive interface for enhanced usability

  • Added a sidebar for seamless navigation

  • Numerous UI/UX optimizations for a smoother experience

📚 Citation support

  • Generated responses now include source citations

  • Easily trace information back to its origin for transparency and credibility

🧠 Agent Mode enhancements

  • Fine-tuned Agent Mode for better generation quality and accuracy

  • Smarter, more reliable solutions to complex queries

These updates represent our ongoing commitment to making Devv the ultimate developer sidekick. We're constantly refining the AI, expanding our knowledge sources, and polishing the user experience to keep you in your coding flow.

Stay tuned for even more exciting enhancements in the coming weeks as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with an AI-powered developer search engine.

Happy coding! 🎉

Feb 28, 2024

Feb 28, 2024

Feb 28, 2024


Agent Mode
Agent Mode

✨ Devv Agent

We're thrilled to announce the release of Devv Agent, an AI-powered search engine built specifically for developers. With Devv Agent, you'll get the answers and code solutions you need in seconds, without having to dig through countless docs and forums.

At the heart of Devv Agent is a powerful combination of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and large language models, coupled with a custom development-focused search index spanning websites, docs, and open source code. We've also integrated Google search to ensure you always have access to the most up-to-date information.

In Agent Mode, you can leverage several specialized agent types: generate_code_and_run, just_generate_code, search_information, explain_code, debug_code, and optimize_code. These agents provide tailored solutions to your exact needs as a developer.

We've designed Devv Agent with a clean, intuitive, and developer-centric UI and UX, making it easy for you to find the information you need and stay in the flow of your work.

But we didn't stop there. We've continuously improved Devv Agent based on your feedback, adding features like the ability to share search results and code snippets, collaborate with team members, and even create custom agents by combining existing agent types.

Try Devv Agent today and experience the future of developer-focused search.

✨ Devv Pro

Devv Pro is a premium version that offers subscribers:

  • Unlimited searches

  • Enhanced accuracy with Agent Mode

  • Advanced models

  • Upcoming GitHub integration

💰 Early Bird Pricing

Subscribe before April 1st to lock in your subscription at a permanent discount—20% off monthly plans and 40% off annual plans.

Start today 👇